Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Part 2 (The rest of the month!)

So now to finish October, and this is when it got busy and crazy.... and FUN!
The end of October brought some amazing sunrises each morning and I shot several of them, but this was my FAVORITE!
On the 25th, we had our annual Fall Fest at our Church. Since I am now Children's Coordinator, it was my turn to plan, organize, and run the event. I am proud to say looking back now that it was the best one we've ever had! I set up a photo area for the first time this year. Here are photos of the boys in costume in our photo area:
Jacob was Luke Skywalker (From StarWars) and Ben was the Doctor (From Doctor Who)!
When we went to the grocery store, the boys asked me to get them some Cheetos... And I found some that make skeletons, so of course I had to get them! Here is a "Man" Ben made!
And on Halloween Jacob wasn't  to wear his costume to school but since it was Red Ribbon Week they were allowed to dress up as a book character... So I turned Jacob in to Waldo from Where's Waldo?
And finally, Halloween gave us another amazing sunrise (one which Moses wasn't too fond of)
But one that brought a day of fun! That evening we headed to a friends house for our party, trick or treating, and LOTS of fun and laughter! :)
I'm going to attempt to blog weekly in November.... Hopefully I can!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

October Part 1

October has been sorta crazy busy. We've been planning, crafting, scrapping, playing Wii, enjoying the sunshine, enjoying the rain, Fall Fest-ing, and so much more!!
Jacob took this photo to send to Chuck. I wanted to prove that I wore a dress. I am making an effort to wear them without it being a special occasion a bit more often. In fact, I am up to 6 that I own and will be seen in public in! lol
I thought I looked really nice, but Jacob told me I looked like a librarian!
We spent the day with my best friend and her daughter today. Retail Therapy, lunch, and laughter were on the agenda!!!!
However, the very BEST thing that happened in October was that Ben got baptized!!! He came up in the middle of the night one night (Yes, really, like 4am!!) and wanted to know how to "get Jesus from his brain and into his heart." So we talked and then the following Sunday he talked to Brother Jerry about it and the following week he was Baptized! I couldn't believe it. 4 and so much older than his age! :)
Benjamin and I decided to surprise everyone and hang up some Halloween decor. We did some stickers on the front screen door and hung some cute garland above the bedroom doors:
Remember when I said that we had been enjoying the sunshine? Well here is an awesome photo of Jacob on his bike!
Also, it's the time of the year when the butterflies make their trip toward Mexico. I love it because it means they are ALL over our garden!!! My grandma loves it too because I get to take photos like this for her:
And to round it out we had our annual family reunion on the 19th and I had fun playing with my niece!
So that's the first few weeks of October but there is more coming. I just really really need to get better at blogging...... :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Snapshots of September

Want to see a quick shapshot of September? Ok!
It started with things like our Beach Vacation (which you can read more about in this post)
There were some amazing moons, including the Super Moons!
There were many trips to the library.... And lots of good books
Fantasy Football days at Jake's school... Where he was supposed to wear a jersey/shirt for his favorite team... And wore his Daddy's old HS jersey instead!
We had huge hot dogs for dinner one night and enjoyed watching Mina and Otis eat the leftovers!
I played with the settings on my camera and with the weather to get some neat shots, like this one:
And this lovely sunrise!
I was/am envious of Mina's life at times
And Ben always knows how to make me laugh!
We adopted a new baby the kids have named Moses:
And I took part in a scavenger hunt for our youth group where I had to dress up like someone else and see if they could pick me out of the mall crowd.
BUT the best part of September was when Ben came forward at the end of Church and gave his life to Christ. In just a few weeks he will be baptized and I am one very proud momma!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Batman! (Photo Shoot!)

Ben has become a huge Batman fan lately... After I saw a few really awesome Batman themed Scrapbook kits I knew I wanted to do a Batman Photo Shoot with Ben! Here are 6 of my favorites!!
As we were taking these people kept stopping and watching. We were having so much fun! This is my favorite favorite photo I took!
Which of course is probably tied with this one:
And we had to do a few with his new shirt from Daddy, of course!
And even though Ben isn't going to be Batman for Halloween, we have a costume for him to play in... And we HAD to do photos in it! And it was such a great time!!
This was when we really got people to stop and watch (and laugh along with us!)
Ben really enjoyed it and I can not wait to do something like this again!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Beach or Bust

Chuck and I had been planning a family getaway for awhile. When we found out that he was getting a sign on bonus we decided to use it to take a trip instead of the daycation we were planning. I found a great hotel for a wonderful price in Corpus and we headed out. The last time we went to the beach, I was still pregnant with Ben. He had never seen the ocean except in photos.
This is his first taste of the Corpus Chrisiti Bay
And Jacob's 3rd taste:
My little fish couldn't wait another second to get in and get wet!!!
After they played for awhile, Chuck and I managed to talk them into getting out and going to the State Aquarium. They loved every second of being there including the Dolphin Show and watching the ships coming in and out of the harbor.
We had lunch and were able to check into our hotel room early. Chuck started to feel sick so to let him rest a little, the boys and I hit the beach again! Here are two of my favorite photos from our trip there:
The next morning I was the first up... So I decided to walk down and take some Sunrise over the Ocean photos, like this one:
After everyone else woke up, we found an awesome spot for Breakfast and then hit a store for t-shirts for the boys! At the entrance to one store we took "Shark Bait" photos (As Ben named them!)
And I told Chuck before we headed home, we had to get some Beach family photos like this one:
And this one:
And this one:
We had such a wonderful weekend. We all had so much fun and none of us wanted to come home!! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 years and still going....

So 10 years ago something began.... Chuck and I said our "I dos!"
In 10 years we've done so much. Moved 6 times, had 2 children, 6 Years in the Army, 4 Years of driving a Truck, 2 Cats, 3 Dogs, a Guinea Pig, 2 Hamsters, and I've lost count of how many fish.
Now we look more like this:
Or like this:
I can not say that the road has been easy. There have been loads and loads of ups, but there have also been some downs. There have been fights and making up. There have been I quits, and don't ever leave my sides.
Each and every time he walks in the door, I can't help but smile. I love being able to meet him at the door and get that first kiss after a long week. I love to watch him play with the kids and I love snuggling up next to him watching the Notre Dame game or some cheesy something off Netflix.
He tells me every day that I am beautiful and twice on the days I don't believe him. We are each other's rock and support even if we don't' always agree on what the other is saying. We're best friends, partners in crime, and anything else we wanna be.
So 10 years of marriage has been worth it all and I can not wait to see what the next 10 bring!!!
P.S. Charles, I love you to the cow!

Monday, September 22, 2014

August in Photos

So.... Yes, I realize that I never posted past the first 7 photos for the August Challenge I said I was going to do. That's because I only got those done before I realized I was already a week behind schedule! So like every photo challenge I say I'm going to do, I gave up on it! Instead, here are some of my favorite photos I took in August:
I did a newborn shoot for two cute little boys from our Church:
We had some amazing days and nights to see the moon:
We had a tree in our yard die and spent the day outside as a family while Dad and Chuck cut it down :) Here are some shots of our boys while we were out there:
Jacob started the 4th grade!!!
And Ben is still a very photographic kid
Chuck and I celebrated 10 years of marriage and I took this photo for him that day.
So that was August in a nutshell. September has been super busy and I have some AMAZING photos that I can't wait to share!! :)