Thursday, August 7, 2014

August Photo A Day Part 1

So when I decided that I was going to do the August Photo Challenge I said that I was going to do it daily on Twitter and Instagram but only weekly here on the blog. Since today is the 7th of August it's been a week!!
Here is a reminder of the month in case you forgot:
Day 1 - Favorite Color
For me one of my favorite colors is Pink. It ties with Purple & Teal and of course like most girls I also like Zebra! :)
Day 2 - Favorite Number
13 is one of my favorite numbers... I think I like it because it's so often overlooked and ignored by people!
Day 3 - Favorite Place
This is my bed, my desk, my happy place! :)
Day 4 - Favorite Person/People
I would have loved to have my hubby in this photo too, but since he wasn't home, it's just my boys! <3
Day 5 - Favorite Time of Day
BEDTIME! It gets quiet and I get a few moments to myself to talk to my husband, work on things, ect before I head to bed for the night!
Day 6 - Favorite Spot in Home
The Kitchen! It seems we gather here more than anywhere else in the house. Plus since I do all the cooking and baking I'm in there a lot! ;)
Day 7 - Favorite Vegetable - Peppers! I love Bell Peppers. I could eat them all the time both raw and cooked. :) These were going into dinner but gave me the chance to get Red, Yellow, Orange, & Green in the same place!
See you again in 7 days... Or maybe before, who knows :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

August Photo Challenge

Something else new and exciting.... I'm going to start doing Photo Challenges again... Or at least try to. I will probably post them daily on my Facebook Page and then weekly here on the blog!
Want to see what we are doing in August?

(If you're having trouble reading, just click the picture to make it bigger.)
I really like this one because it's a great ice breaker!! I would love it if you choose to join this journey! Just comment and let me know if you are going to do it so I can check out your photos each day!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Unless you live under a rock or have memory loss or something you know that one of my passions in life is taking photos. The kind that capture memories in the making, bring smiles when you look at them, and can be cherished.
I recently started a Facebook page for my photography as I am taking more and more photos for friends and family. I have been told many times I should start a business, but it's hard. There are so many photographers in this area along and it's competitive. Not to mention it can get expensive. I don't have all the tools I would need... Such as an external flash and different lenses...
That being said, I do want to take more. This weekend I am doing some newborn photos for a friend of mine. I can't wait to see her little man and snap cute shots for her. Did you know that here in San Antonio newborn photos in the hospital cost $130 and up?! Isn't that crazy! When did it have to become so expensive to have photos taken? Last September, you might remember that we had these photos done:
The lady who did our photos was great! She was sweet and great with the kids. Now when I had our photos done I came in 2nd place in a photo contest so it was $25. I got 15 edited photos, no originals, and some, I feel, may have been over edited. I just feel that if I am going to capture photos for people they should get to see more then what I feel are the best ones.
I'm mostly just jotting my ideas down here, but if I were to start doing this for a fee, would anyone in the SA area even be interested?
Here is a link to my Facebook page so you can "like" it if you wish :) Just click on the photo.

Friday, July 18, 2014

1,000 Photos

For my 30th birthday my husband got me my Canon Rebel T3. The very first photo it ever took was of my niece on May 17th sitting in my parents kitchen.
Today the 1,000th photo it took was of a vine growing out of the vent of our house. So in 58 days I have taken 1,000 photos... On only my camera. That doesn't count photos on someone else's camera or on my cell phone....
Pictures like this:
And this:
And this one!
So many pictures between the very first one this camera took:
And the very latest!
P.S. the most recent photo (above) is # 1,014 ;)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Late night Cheetos

I'm sure most of the people who read this know that I am on a special diet. Not to lose weight, but to lose headaches! I've discovered that several of my major migraine triggers include MSG, Fluoride, Plastics, and Fake Sweeteners. I've cut as much of this as possible out... Including donating all my plastic mugs that I had to a friend!
And I had a lady from my Church make these for me.
{Lydia, again, I love them! And you!! Thank you soooo much!!} I've been drinking out of my Mason Jars more and more and now they don't sweat or burn me!! Yay!!
Anyway, I was sitting in bed watching Netflix and eating Cheetos (The Simply kind that I actually can still enjoy) and thinking...
In the last year my life has changed so much. I found a job that I loved and then I lost it. I watched my niece born and grow. I lost friends and made new ones. I watched my GA program drop to 3 in attendance and then as God blessed us in growth! I'm so glad that I am learning my triggers so I have less "lie in bed and try not to die" days. I hate loosing even moments with my kids to pain and illness. :)
For those who don't know what migraines are you can learn more about them here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Zoo Day.... Again

School has been out for 3 weeks... And in those 3 weeks the boys and I (along with some friends or family each time) have gone to the zoo! This past Monday we went with my mom, sister, and niece and had a wonderful time!
During the summer, zoo members can get in an hour early, but we opted to walk into the park for a bit first... See the San Antonio River, see the ducks (including some ducklings), and of course take some amazing photos like this one:
It was neat being one of the first ones inside for the day. Some of the animals were more active, some were still in their "homes", but we were able to get a photo on the Lion's Pride Statue in the entrance with no one else in the background... Something I've never been able to do before!
My Mom had to meet us there, so my sister, the kids, and I walked around and saw a few things and enjoyed some ICEEs and popcorn! When Mom arrived, the fun really began! And I was able to get my mom to take this photo for me!
Ashlyn LOVED seeing all the animals, especially the flamingos, hippos, and monkeys! Speaking of a Monkey, here is Jacob in front of the Hippo glass:
While I can't seem to get Jacob to get on the new Zoo Carousel, Benjamin loves it! He wanted to ride the dragon this time but the kid in line in front of us heard Ben talk about it and got on it first. :( Instead, we discovered the Horny Toad and rode it. When I was a kid and my Dad drove a truck that was his CB Handle, so it was an in honor kind of thing... But Ben looked adorable on it, didn't he?
This is our 2nd year with a San Antonio Zoo Membership and I have never regretted getting it! We can't wait to have even more Zoo adventures!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wow... How am I 30 already??

It came as quite a shock not to long ago that this year I turned 30... (May 16th actually)
I don't know how but it just seems like a shock to me. I don't know why but it did..... Awhile back a friend of mine did 26 things about her for her 26th birthday. I thought it was fun so I'm going to give it a go...

30 things about me for my 30th birthday
1) I dislike my middle name. I don't really know why but I do.
2) I share my middle name with my Mom.
3) I love Starbucks...
4) ... and Cokes
5)... And ICEEs
6) Ok honestly just caffeine!
7) My favorite colors are purple, pink, & teal
8) 80% of my wardrobe is black.
9) My husband says I'm not allowed to buy clothing that isn't a color for 6 months.
10) Chuck and I couldn't really agree on names for the boys at first... But we did both agree we wanted biblical names!
11) I am looking forward to spending the summer with the boys!
12) I can not wait to get back to the beach!!!
13) My in-laws have never seen Benjamin in person
14) I love digital scrapbooking.
15) I have an addiction to my camera!
16) One of my favorite things to do with the kids when we're bored is go outside and do silly photos!
17) I'm actually having a hard time with this list! lol
18) Our dog Mina is super spoiled....
19) Our cat Otis loves to climb things... And then hates the getting down!
20) We have 4 chickens which don't have names lol
21) Both boys are named after someone with their middle names
22) I was Saved when I was 6.
23) I was Baptized when I was 13.
24) The same pastor that Baptized me also married Chuck and me, Baptized Jacob, and is still my Pastor today
25) I love teaching the Girls in Action at our Church. I've been told it's my passion!
26) I cry easily... And mostly lately they are happy tears!
27) I suffer from Migraine headaches and have for as long as I can remember.
28) I truly believe the best things in life aren't things but our love and emotions!
29) My husband is my very best friend!
30) Ok, maybe it was easier then I thought! ;) Yay I'm done!!! <3

Wow... looking back over this list I think I'm a boring person, but you know what? At the end of the day I LOVE my life and I'm happy so who cares! :D

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My thoughts on today...

"God not only forgives. He forgets."
When my pastor shared these words with us this morning as part of his sermon on Mother's Day, it really hit home.

This morning I posted the below quoted status on Facebook:
"I went to bed feeling sad for myself that Chuck didn't do anything for me for Mother's Day and that he'll miss the day. Then I woke up to a snuggly little boy whispering "I love you Mommy" in my ear and I realized something.
These moments are the best gift Chuck could ever give me. Without him I wouldn't have the three best things I've ever had... my family! I let the world's 'give me a gift, I deserve it' view of Mothers Day take over. It's not about things from the store, it's about love <3"
I got up and my sons shared the little gifts/crafts they had made for me at school and I went outside to finish my gift I was making my Mom. My husband left for work and I started to get ready for Church with a smile on my face.
And then the button and zipper on my dress pants broke. And the next pair I put on had a hole in the hem and I began to cry. Normally I wear jeans; almost every day. Today I wanted to look different. Nice. Special. Now it wasn't going to happen. I began to think of all the women who would be at Church with their husbands, kids, grandkids, ect. I realized that I would, once again, be sitting alone. That didn't help.
At this point Benjamin walked in with a too small shirt stuck on his head and again I realized something:
My life is pretty awesome. I have a husband who scarifies so much to make sure we have what we need. I have 2 sons who are really great kids.

I have amazing parents who have always been there for me. Two of the best siblings a person could ask for and so many friends who are more like family then anything.
My needs are met, my wants as fulfilled as they can be, and most importantly my faith growing each and every day!
I thank the Lord that He can forgive and forget my feelings of failure and unimportance. I thank Him for always being there when I did not deserve His love or His unending mercy and grace. 
Thank you God for Chuck who is my rock and best friend. Thank you for Jacob who likes to help. Thank you for Benjamin who loves to laugh. And thank you for the blessings of my life.
P.S. I feel I should also apologize to my Pastor for the fact that I wrote this with pen and paper toward the end of his sermon. I know he will forgive me as I felt the Lord tugging at me to write the emotions of my heart out on paper. Hopefully it will be as much of a blessing to someone else as it was to me this morning.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Oh geez. I logged into Blogger tonight to post on the Crazy 4 Monograms blog that I help write (I post the freebies each day! lol) and realized I have not made a post here since JULY! What??? That's nuts! :( 2014 will be different. I will do at least weekly posts. That's my New Years Resolution. And I suppose I should start with a new blog design, since this summer one isn't really too fitting anymore! To be a good blogger! :)
So lets see... You pretty much know 2013 up to July but since then:
* GA Camp and VBS were great successes again this year.
* I have started teaching Pre-School at a private Christian Academy
* Ben now attends school at the same one I teach at
* Jacob is now in 3rd grade and GT again this year
* Chuck lost one job and started a new one
* We are working to strengthen ourselves and our marriage
* Texas actually hit their rainfall quota for the year. This hasn't happened since the 30s!
* We actually had a cold Christmas this year.
* My brother got married this past weekend. Emily is amazing and I am blessed to have gained a sister.
I can't think of anything else, but if I do, I'll have to edit this post. For now, it's almost 10 and we finished our Fireworks show already... Mostly because it got too cold! ;) I think it's now time for some time with a warm blanket and a good show off Netflix.
See you next year everyone! :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Celebrate & Home Tweet Home

Ready for some more awesome layouts by Gingers Scraps & Pixels?!
OK here we go!
First off, Celebrate which she created to celebrate the opening of her own personal store! It was fun to work with this one because it had girlier colors which I don't get to scrap with often! Here is a look at the kit:
Here is the first layout that I scrapped. I took this photo of our family before a wedding and to be honest I really just wanted to play with it!
Here is the 2nd layout... I made this one for the July Desktop Challenge at Stuff to Scrap 
Here is another kit I was able to play with Home Tweet Home. I LOVED this palette!
This palette was a bit more "boyish" which is the colors I'm more used to scrapping with and it's HUGE! The first layout I did was a photo I took of myself and the boys at the park. I didn't think it needed words, the photo and the elements spoke enough!
The second layout I did with this kit was when Chuck and I had our Date Night! (Can you tell I liked the glitter splashes that Ginger included in this kit?!)
I also created a new siggy for a forum I'm a member of using Home Tweet Home:
And don't forget about the July Daily Download.... And let me tell you you will NOT want to miss the August DD because I've already seen and played with the kit and it's AWESOME!!!!
Here is another look at the July DD:
Check out Ginger's Blog HERE and you can find the kits above at her personal store HERE!

Day 81 - 90 - It's summer break baby!

 It's summer break and that means that I am super busy with this and that and it's been making finding time to blog kinda hard... That being said, it's time to play a little catch up!
Day 81 - 
Last night I took a few minutes to myself and did my fingers and toes!!!
Day 82 -
When Chuck tried to leave for work this morning, he discovered that Ben had stuffed his shoes... Guess he didn't want Daddy going to work!
Day 83 -
Jacob and I went for a run this morning and on the way home it started to pour! It rained several times throughout the day... Here is a shot from one of those showers.
Day 84 -
I added some pebbles and cleaned out Louis's tank today. He seems a happier fish now! (If fish can be happy)
Day 85 -
Chuck brought home a new dog last night... We've named him Mic and he seems to be getting along great with Mina and the other animals!
Day 86 -
During the process of making dinner tonight, I was warming tortillas and when I pulled this one out of the package Jacob said, "Mom look it's a heart!"
Day 87 -
The sunset tonight was one of the most amazing and gorgeous I've seen in a long time... So of course, I had to share a photo!
Day 88 -
We're in the process of covering the springs on our trampoline.... Here it is about 1/2 way finished!
Day 89 -
Tonight was a full moon and I'm also pretty sure it was a super moon... But it made for some amazing photos!
Day 90 - 
Remember the photo above of the 1/2 finished trampoline? Well, here it is finished! We took 10 pool noodles, cut them into strips, and fed the springs through them. It sure is quieter when the kids jump on it, you don't have to worry about being shocked or pinched by the springs, and now it looks like a giant red daisy!
And now again we've gotten caught up. Next week I will be at camp and I'm sure I probably won't have time to blog while I am there.... :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Days 62 - 80 - Time to play catch up.... again. *sigh*

At the moment I have locked myself in my room with a xlarge Slurpee, a sandwich, and my blog. I am soooo far behind.... Again. Geez. why do I keep doing this? I know how much I love writing in my blog and how it helps to relax me and still I let it slip.
Ok, no more whining, time to get on with it! ;)

Day 62 - 
This morning I took the boys to our weekly trip to the library where they turned in their list for the Summer Reading Program. Since this year's theme is "Dig Into Reading" they were given a bone to write their names on and tape to the window, then they got a certificate signed by the mayor and... Their favorite part? A book they got to choose and keep!
Day 63 -
Today when I went to the mailbox I found Scentsy mail! It was a package from my Director and Superstar Director and it included a Pom Pom because "They are my personal cheerleaders!" When I was looking at my goodies, I looked up and this is how I saw Benjamin!
Day 64 -
I ran errands with my friends Autumn and Emory today. Autumn and her kiddo Dean road with me and I introduced them to the wonders of a yummy Slurpee. :)
Day 65 - 
This morning we discovered that the nest we've had above our door had babies in it! This nest has been used the last 4 or 5 years and we always enjoy seeing the babies. Ben especially loves checking it each day!
Day 66 - 
Emory kept the boys for a couple of hours today so that Chuck and I could have a quick lunch and do our grocery shopping alone. It was nice to have a little time to ourselves!
Day 67 -
This evening at Church we had a program called Singsperation instead of our normal evening service and the second performer was JACOB! I was such a super proud Momma. He sang Me Without You by Toby Mac and did an amazing job!!!!
Day 68 - 
Ben and I played Mario Party 9 for a bit this evening.... And he kicked my butt at Goomba Bowling! Yes, a 3 year old kicked my butt..... 
Day 69 - 
After our trip to the library today, I took the boys to get some lunch and we took it to the park. I got some cute photos of the boys, but one of my favorites was this one of the three of us :)
Day 70 -
It's July 4th eve! This morning, since the hubby had to go in late, we went and got our fireworks. And after the sun went down, I treated the boys to a sparkler before bed!
Day 71 - 
Happy Birthday America! We spent the day playing Mario Party, making burgers and dogs on the pit, playing outside, and of course sitting in the front yard with the family doing some fireworks!
Day 72 -
I saw something online the other day where you put food coloring in the bath... So tonight I decided to treat Ben to a fun bath! A green one :) 
Day 73 -
A friend of mine got married this evening.... And I took advantage of us being all dressed up to take a few family photos. Here is one of my favorites!
Day 74 -
We had a Hot Dog Social at Church this evening and it started to POUR... Which of course means, all the boys were outside playing in it. They had such a blast and were SOAKED when we left!
Day 75 -
This morning the boys were lying in my bed watching something on Netflix... And I snapped this cute photo of them!
Day 76 -
Tonight when I left to go pick Chuck up from work, I snapped this shot of a beautiful rainbow. It was HUGE! So big in fact that until I was off our street I couldn't even see the whole thing!
Day 77 -
Jacob had spent the night with my sister last night so today we meet up at Landa Park for a little photo shoot and of course to bring Jacob home. This is my favorite photo of the whole day... My sons are making silly faces, Ashlyn is crying, and my mom is just laughing. Such a perfect photo!
Day 78 -
While running errands with my Mom today, I got this laundry bag for Jacob to take with him to camp! I thought it was fitting for a 8 year old! lol
Day 79 -
By some dumb blind luck Chuck was able to get off work at a decent time tonight and we were able to have a real date!! Here we are waiting for our table at dinner and afterward we saw World War Z. It was after 2 am before we got into bed but we had an amazing time!!!
Day 80 -
Chuck broke out the slip and slide today for the boys and boy did they have a great time on it!!!
I would say that I promise I will get better... But I don't want to make a promise I'm not sure I can keep! lol... But I promise to try a little harder! ;)